No amount of insulation can keep a drafty building warm

“No amount of insulation can keep a drafty building warm.”

This is a quote that I recently came across when searching insulation values for various products.

If you look back on my one of my previous posts you will find insulation at number four in the priority list. Click here to look at the ‘Water, Air, Vapour, Thermal’ post.

The website that I looked at recently was promoting insulation, but they were also well aware that air leaks drastically affect insulation performance. Their number One priority is stated below.

1. Stop drafts and air leaks in the building first: find and fix leaky windows, doors. The leaks in an older home may be small, individually, but added up they are often equal to leaving a window or door wide open. There is not much benefit in adding insulation to a building if a window or door is being left open. Or the equivalent in leaks. Stop drafts first.

As important as insulation is in order to keep a building warm, it is only truly effective if the building doesn’t leak air.




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