Step-by-Step procedure – Blower Door Test

Email your documents to 

  1. Required Information:
    • Site address
    • Building drawings if available. (If not available we will require more time on site to measure).
    Note: PDF documents are preferred.
  2. Let us know if you require a Leakage Test or a Diagnostic Test.
  3. A fee estimate, (based on the supplied information) and an Authorisation request will be emailed to you along with a list of requirements for ‘building readiness’ for the blower door test.
  4. Reply to the Estimate email to authorise us to proceed with the report.
  5. Once we receive authorisation we will issue an invoice.
  6. Once payment has cleared we will arrange a time to conduct the test.
  7. After the test has been conducted a report will be emailed to you.

NOTE: To ensure an accurate result and to avoid any extra costs, it is important that the building is prepared in accordance with our ‘building readiness’ request prior to conducting the test.

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