Blower Door Testing

If you’re serious about having an energy efficient house, air pressure testing is a must. If your house is leaky it will cost a lot to heat and cool it. If it’s a tight house your bills will be much lower. Air needs to be contained before it can be controlled. It’s a waste of energy if the air that you are heating or cooling escapes. Click here to learn more.

An airtightness strategy should be part of high performance design. A blower door test is the way to verify that the airtightness targets have been met.

An air pressure test involes placing a blower door in one of the external doors in order to test the leakiness of the building. We can run this test in two ways.

  1. LEAKAGE TEST: The first way is to run the fan in order to detect the leakage points in the house. Once the fan is running we can walk ouround the house and point out the areas that need to be attended to for sealing. This is a good option for testing existing houses.
  2. DIAGNOSTIC TEST: The second way is to run a diagnostic test at a specific air pressure (50Pascals). This test requires some preliminary measurements of surface area and volume. The test establishes a volume air change rate and a surface air permeability rate. A computer generated report is provided for this type of test. This is the best option for new buildings.

Click here for our Blower Boor Test step-by-step procedure.