New GOrate website

Welcome to the new GOrate website.

Over the last 10 years my business focus has shifted from building design & documentation to the implementation of energy efficiency into the built form. For this reason I decided that it was time to generate a separate website dedicated to this focus.

Even before I was involved in building design I was employed in the field of ‘building services’. In this capacity, (from the early 90’s) I learnt how to assess buildings, and design heating and cooling systems using first principles , and computer simulation software. When energy efficiency became a focus of residential buildings I felt that I was well suited to apply my knowledge to this endeavour. Subsequently my business has evolved to specialise in this area.

I am continually researching, learning and discussing matters of energy efficiency and building science so I feel that a website tailored to this focus is a good idea.

This GOrate website is dedicated to educating designers, trades and consumers in the fundamentals of building science. I look forward to sharing information, encouraging discussion of these topics, and continuing the learning process.

My website based GOrate blog will also be shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visit the website here: