Leaky ducts

I have spoken before about leaky houses, mainly in regard to holes, gaps and cracks in the building fabric. But what about heating and cooling ductwork?

Typically in Australia we have our ductwork installed in the attic roof space or under the floor. (I will dedicate another post to this strategy of installing ductwork in unconditioned spaces).

In a perfect world the conditioned air flows through the ducts and into the house. Guess what? The world’s not perfect so there’s a fair chance that the ducts leak.

I was just in my roof and realised that the person who installed the central heating system didn’t connect the ducts properly.

Check out the attached video and watch the anemometer spin……I’m paying money to heat the roof.

Also remember, Leaky ducts also leak when the fan is not running. Due to the stack effect warm air will rise, enter the ductwork and leak into the roof through the holes.

Lesson: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is an important part of energy efficient building design. Do it properly.