Construction Instruction Training

I’m doing it again. As part of my continuing path of learning in the field of building science, I will flying to Denver, Colorado to partake in some hands-on building science training with Construction Instruction.

I have followed Construction Instruction online for quite a few years. Earlier this year I attended their presentations at the High Performance building zone at the International Builders, Show. I was also fortunate enough to be able to speak with two of the company founders and building scientists, Gord Cooke & Mark LaLiberte. I have since kept in touch with Gord and am very pleased to have now booked a training session at their new facility.

The knowledge and advice offered by Construction Instruction is second to none. As a result of my training and discussions I hope translate their techniques in order to add further value to my own services and progress down the path of providing safe, healthy, durable comfortable and energy efficient buildings.

Click on the link below to check out Construction Instruction