Thermal Imaging

Another great tool that can be used in the field of energy efficiency is an infra red thermal imaging camera. These cameras sense heat and radiation, and display the varying heat gradients for easy detection of variations in surface temperature.

In conjunction with a blower door test a thermal imaging camera can be used to detect heat through walls, inconsistencies in insulation placement, and air leakage areas in the building envelope. Water leakage can also be detected, as can air leaks in ductwork.

Being able to see hot and cold areas through a camera lens makes the detection of thermal deficiencies quick and easy, and takes away the guesswork. The problems can be quickly identified and potentially rectified.

A few observations of the photo below.

  • The aluminium window frame is colder than the glass.
  • Black areas indicate air leakage.
  • Red triangles at either side of the arched window indicate a wall insulation deficiency.



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