Inside – Outside….there’s a difference

Depending on my mood at the time I find this either frustrating or funny.  More and more lately I am being asked to explain matters of building science, but the thing that I seem to be explaining the most is – the difference between inside and outside.

Yes, it sounds crazy. It’s really not a difficult concept, but for some reason it’s a mystery to many people.

I have written about this before in my ‘building envelope’ post and my ‘building envelope with a red pen’ post, but just for further clarification I have colour coded the illustrations.

  1. Yellow = inside
  2. Blue = outside
  3. Red= border between inside and outside (building envelope).

We can do all the thermal simulation models and WUFI calculations we like, but unless we understand the concept of ‘inside vs. outside’ nothing else really matters.

Overcomplicating things when we haven’t addressed the fundamentals is insane. Overcomplicating things when we have addressed the fundamentals is not a lot better.

How about we first understand the building envelope and the control layers, we apply strategies in accordance with building physics, and make sure the building is built properly? Come on people, we can do this!

GOrate envelope2

GOrate envelope1