Don’t expect what you haven’t planned for.

Planning your new house can be both exciting and challenging. There are many things to consider in the design process. This is why you need to design with an objective in mind.

Work out what your priority is first then design accordingly. If you are designing a car to race Formula One, every design decision you make will be optimised for a winning result. If you are designing a car to suit a suburban family, the Formula One methodology is the wrong approach.

If high performance and energy efficiency is your priority in designing a home, make this the driver for your design decisions. Have a clear vision of your objective at the beginning of the design process. As I have said before, an energy report produced after the design is complete is purely a compliance report. A truly high performance, energy efficient building is designed for the purpose from the beginning.

LESSON: If you haven’t planned for energy efficiency, don’t expect to get it.

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