Vapour permeability test – Results

The vapour permeability test on my four samples is complete. Click here to see the original post about the experiment.

Here’s the brief background. I put 125ml of water in the containers on 03/08/19, covered them with various house wrap membranes, and waited to see how long it would take for the water to completely disappear.

Here are the results:

1.Thermakraft Covertek 407. 40 DAYS
2. Bradford Enviroseal Proctorwrap – residential walls. 46 DAYS
3. Bradford Enviroseal Proctorwrap – roof sarking. 61 DAYS
4. Polyweave foil (non vapour permeable). STILL FULL. NO DRYING

As you can see, the vapour permeable membranes did their job at various intervals. The non-vapour permeable polyweave foil however, has done nothing, (this is why moisture gets trapped in the building assembly and leads to structural decay, rot and mould).

Click here to learn why vapour permeability is important.

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