Building Performance Association

This year has come with many experiences and opportunities. At the International Builders’ Show in February I made some excellent contacts with members of the North American building science community. As a result of these connections I travelled back to the U.S.A. in June for building science training with Construction Instruction.

Delving deeper into building science and having regular discussions with industry leaders has been hugely beneficial for my own education and consequently for my clients.

So, here’s my next move. In order to keep up to date with current best practices, and to maintain and create more building science connections, I have recently become a founding member of the Building Performance Association.

This association is an amalgamation of three building related groups. They have an enormous wealth of information and knowledge at their finger tips. The good thing about North America is that they have similar climatic conditions and construction practices as us in Australia. 20 years ago the North Americans addressed the issues, opportunities and problems relating to energy efficiency, moisture management, indoor air quality, and building durability that we are only just beginning to address. We can learn a lot from their 20 years of observation, data and resultant methods. As Mark LaLiberte said to me last week, “Trust the math and physics. It is the same everywhere in the world”.

I look forward to an ongoing engagement with the Home Performance Association. I also look forward to sharing the knowlege, and implementing the science.