Shut the fridge door!

Have you ever noticed that when you open the fridge door cold air comes out? And if you leave the fridge door open long enough the compressor starts up and the food defrosts?

If you’re old enough to remember when faulty appliances were repaired instead of replaced, you will be familiar with the idea of replacing old, cracked gasket seals on the fridge door. Fresh new seals prevent the cold air from escaping, keeping the food cold, and the electricity bill down.

Of course, these concepts seem obvious to us; it’s common sense. The fridge repair guy wouldn’t look at your cracked and broken gasket seals and suggest to leave them as they are, and instead wrap an extra blanket around the fridge to fix it. If he did, we’d think he was an idiot………So why are we doing this with our houses?! Why do we ignore the air leaks and assume that more insulation will fix the problem?

If you want to keep warm or cool conditions inside your house, pay attention to air sealing! No amount of insulation will keep a leaky house conditioned.

LESSON: Install a gasket seal and shut the fridge door!