Fresh air in the house.

We all need fresh air.

  1. All new houses are required to be insulated.
  2. A high performance house needs to be airtight.
  3. An airtight house needs to be ventilated.

Ventilation not only expels moisture, bad smells, stale air and toxins from the home, it also introduces fresh air from outside. The question is, “How much fresh air is required”?

A high performance home really needs to be mechanically ventilated for full control but in Australia we don’t have very good guidance for mechanical fresh air in homes.

Never fear, we have a plan! We have just incorporated the ASHRAE Standard 62.2 calculation for Whole-Building ventilation into our GOrate software. Now we can specify a ventilation rate based on floor area and number of occupants. #build tight, vent right.

LESSON: We don’t need to wait for regulations to catch up. We can implement good science now.